Monitoring and regular meetings

We are in close contact with all of our consultants on a regular basis.

Our entire in-house team is ready and willing to listen to the needs of all employees: monthly workplace visits, group lunches and after-work drinks are frequently organised with a view to strengthening our relationships with consultants and ensuring that they are thriving in their professional role.

Start and end-of-year parties, sporting events, and fun activities for groups and families are a resounding success every year.

Facilitator and integrator

To ensure the integration of new recruits is as smooth as possible and to ease the administrative formalities, an HR officer is responsible for supporting our consultants on a permanent basis. She is available to answer their questions, provide optimal administrative follow-up and support each consultant in administrative, legal and tax matters, etc.


We take care to ensure that our consultants are kept up to date with our company’s daily life and development, as well as other major events. We discuss the progress of our projects in an internal newsletter specifically aimed at members of staff. In the future, we plan to create an intranet that will serve as a true online discussion forum for every member of our team.


Our team is guided by a sole director who supervises all our commercial contracts and bridges the gap between the client’s needs and the consultant’s aspirations. The direct and transparent feedback we provide to all staff facilitates communication and ensures they have a clear understanding of their services and role.

Marrying professional aspirations and the needs of the client

Thanks to our savoir-faire, our consultants can channel their qualifications and experience into adding value to our clients’ ambitions. At the same time, we take care to offer our consultants rewarding roles that reflect their technical skills and professional goals.

Being available and proactive

Our in-house team is particularly focused on listening to our employees, from our recruiters during the recruitment process, to our HR manager tasked with daily management and monitoring, and even the sales staff who supervise the progress of our projects and carry out on-site visits to ensure we are meeting our commitments.


Being a small-scale business is one of Rime-IT’s strengths, and the reason why we are not weighed down by onerous, inflexible administrative procedures. This flexibility enables us to manage our relationships with employees and clients in a way that is both fast and pragmatic.


We pay particular attention to ensuring our employees thrive and to forging lasting relationships with them based on respect, trust and dialogue. Our aim is to build durable partnerships and a deep-seated sense of shared identity.

They trust us…Join them !

With Rime-IT I have met professionals, who helped me to develop my career, turn to good account my skills and experience by working for the biggest names in Luxembourg IT industry. I would highly recommend it to all my friends willing to accept career challenges.
Cristi, Technical Support Engineer
Je suis depuis peu employée chez Rime-IT et avant même d’entamer ma mission, j’ai pu apprécier l’accueil chaleureux qui m’a été réservé par toute l’équipe. Rime-IT est vraiment proche de ses collaborateurs et sait valoriser leur savoir-faire en proposant des missions à la hauteur de leurs ambitions et en tant consultante, je trouve cela appréciable.
Rose, Capacity Manager
Pour moi ce fut une joie d’intégrer une société qui reste à l’écoute de ces collaborateurs. Contrairement aux grandes sociétés sur le marché, Rime-IT sait mettre en valeur le savoir-faire de ses consultants. Cette société fait preuve de grand professionnalisme auprès de ces clients et de convivialité quand il s’agit de se réunir autour d’un repas ou d’un drink. Je recommande Rime-IT à tous les futurs clients.
Julien, Field Engineer
Rime-IT est une société où il fait bon vivre, où l’employé n’est pas seulement un numéro de matricule. Ici chacune des personnes désireuses de s’investir aura la possibilité d’évoluer et de s’épanouir dans sa carrière.
Frédéric, Field Engineer